In Finas Fly we use high quality fabrics and materials to ensure the maximum performance of our products, we take care of all details starting from the threads and zippers up to the fabrics, design and finishing of the final product.

Below are some of our fabrics and materials:

  1. Threads: we use 100 % Nylon sewing thread for heavyweight fabrics, all our products are finished with double stitching to give the products longer life and better quality.
  2. Zippers: we use 100% wind proof zippers ideal for all wind related sports.
  3. Fabrics: we use a range of fabrics in each suit in order to make the final product suitable for the tough and unique nature of the sport, here are some of the materials:



a. wind stopper spandex: a highly flexible, light weight stretchy material that is 100% wind proof, this material is used in key areas "usually around the joints" to give the suit maximum flexibility.

             b. Cordura: this tough strong material is widely known in the sport to be used on areas where direct contact with hard surfaces is common like the knees, elbows and buttock.

             c. Taslan: this is the main material used for most parts of the suit, It is very soft, cotton like, abrasion resistant, fast drying, easy to clean moreover it is highly wind- and water-resistant.



Those materials are used in a very smart way in all our suits based on the feedback received from professional skydive and wind tunnel instructors, we advice our customers to stick with the same patterns of the materials used in our suits, however, if you have specific requirements which may require adding / removing some of the materials you will be able to mention the same while submitting your order.